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7 Tips To Make A Safer Online Shopping Experience

Online shopping is very convenient for anyone, even the handicapped. You can shop around and find the best prices, then have your package delivered right to your doorstep. However, getting a great deal online is more than getting the least price. You need to be sure if the product will arrive on time and with the expected quality. One of the best coupon site with different updated deals & sale promo codes you can find at Coupon Karma

How To Make Safe Shopping Online

#1. Always place your order from a secure connection

Your computer needs to be protected from potentially malicious software. This is because of your financial information, and the passwords are at risk of being stolen. This concept is very fundamental. Keep your computer’s firewall on- use only a secure connection. Avoid making financial transactions when connected to a public network.

#2. Know Your Merchant And Their Reputation

If you already know the location of the official store, shopping online is safer. Visit there if you have a problem. Besides, if you know others with a positive experience with the online store consistently, be reassured of quality. On the other hand, if the store doesn’t have any reviews or doesn’t have favorable reviews, don’t order from them.

#3. Avoid Deals That Are “Too Good To Be True.”

An online store that promises too much at a low price is suspicious. If the price is too low, confirm whether the merchant obtained the item legally. Know whether the things you will get are the same brand shown. Also, see if you will be allowed to return the damaged products. Is the merchant getting extra income by selling your financial information?

#4. Read Terms And Conditions As You Buy A Gift Card.

If you are getting the gift card from someone else, make sure that the store is legit. Know the person using the store, and whether there are any hoops you will jump through. There are also coupons and promo codes. Know where you can find these discount codes. Also, understand how you can use them to benefit you the most.

#5. Avoid An E-Store That Demands More Information Than What Is Necessary To Make The Sale.

As a buyer, you will be requested the following:

  • Method of payment
  • Shipping address.
  • Telephone number.
  • Email address.

If the merchant request other extra information more than that, run away. Don’t share your bank information, driver’s license number, or the social security information. Questions about interests are optional; however, be cautious when giving the information. Generally, stick to companies that respect your privacy.

#6. Create A Unique Password

You will be asked to create an account. Choose not to do this unless you’ll frequently use the e-store. If you decide to create your account, make sure you use a unique, strong password.

#7. How Secure Is The Site?

Before sharing any personal information or credit card details online, check if the web address begins with “https:” not “Http:” The added ‘s’ tells you that the website is encrypted and secure to protect your information.


The above online shopping security tips go a magnificent mile to benefit online shoppers’ privacy. Keep the tips engorged in your fingertips and always follow them to the end.

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10 Tips for a Safer Online Shopping Experience

Ultimate Online Shoppers Guide: How To Find The Best Online Deals

The number of people using online shopping sites is expected to grow exponentially over the next decade. It has been more commonplace for businesses. Businesses are adapting their efforts on online shopping to capture more online sales to buyers. Online shopping is convenient and straightforward. It allows the consumer to compare prices of the needed products. It offers a chance to find coupons and promo codes. Also, the buyer can check reviews.

Scoring a bargain is sweet; however, it can be detrimental to your budget if you are not careful. Let’s discuss how you can attract more bang for your back using the following supper tips.

Use A Coupon Code

Make it your policy that whenever you make any purchase online, you must have a coupon code. They are out there! Do some search on google, try on websites that gather the coupons information, or even download some coupon applications. There is an endless list of coupon codes and discounts rated by other users. With few efforts, you get the best online deals that save you at least 10 to 25% off your order.

Shop On The Right Day

Be keen on sales that drop on certain days of the week—many online stores roll out exclusive discounts and deals on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Make your purchase calendar for Black Friday, Green Monday, Amazon Prime Day, and even Cyber Monday. These discounted shopping days happen once per year. Discount sometimes is overhyped, therefore don’t get suckered into purchasing items you did not budget.

Find Free Shipping

The shipping costs might make you lose what you would have saved. It is not worth it to pay high shipping prices. If you are willing to look around and practice patience, you can buy anything from the online selling platform of your choice without paying the shipping fee. For many official stores, there are free shipping codes. Free shipping is offered on a minimum order throughout the year.

Moreover, to avoid paying outrageous shipping costs. You can buy a product online and pick it in the store.

Buy Discounted Gift Cards

Buy discounted gift cards if you are planning to spend on a specific store. Gift cards are huge money savers. Choose reputable online weirds to purchase your discounted gift cards. Gift cards are available for retail shops, restaurants, and spas. This technique could save you 10 to 15%.

Leave Selected Items In Your Cart

Putting an item to your shopping cart does not mean that you will buy it right away, as you abandon your items on the shopping cart. Many online sites send you savings offers. A follow-up email is also sent as you sit back and wait. This is an excellent way to score a 10 to 20% promo code with little effort. Instead of buying immediately, be patient. Don’t just avoid a bonus through an impulse purchase.

Be Social

It pays to follow favorite brands and stores on social media. Many brands usually offer exclusive flash sales to their followers on social media. Some even provide free shipping codes. If you love a specific shop or a brand, follow them on all social media platforms to take advantage of being in the loop. However, be careful here. Sometimes following your favorites can tempt you with major impulse purchases; look out!

In Conclusion

Since you are looking for best deals, sales, coupons, and promo codes online, check out our consumer research to know what is happening right now. If you have been focusing on life-changing tips, now is the time to take a plunge. Utilize the above tools to beat debt, reach your goals, and save for the future!

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15 Ways to Find the Best Deals Online

Consumer Research: What People Buy Online During The Pandemic

Understand the Covid-19 impact on online selling behavior. It is the actual aspect defining events of 2020. How is the current situation? What is the implication? For the online market, which products were affected? Let’s have a look.

The Pandemic Economy

Covid-19 is having a significant impact on each aspect of life. It has interfered with how consumers buy their essentials and the so non-essential products. The buying behavior has adopted the current situation to suit regular needs. However, many consumers are utilizing the newfound time to focus on their health. 85% of consumers do some exercises while on isolation. 40% of them are opting to continue when restrictions are lifted.

Panic Buying AndCoronavirus

Since the time of the official pandemic declaration, people responded with stock keeping. People bought many medical supplies and household essentials. The response to the pandemic was diverse; that is when panic buying started. People bought all the necessary items and filed up their shelves. Soon there was a scarcity of essential products that validated the decision of stock up.

Every person wanted to be left with some resources. This prompted the change in behaviors which have brought up new products categories:

  • The fastest-growing categories.
  • The fastest declining categories.

The Fastest-Growing Categories During The Pandemic Period

The top ten fastest-growing product categories are:

  • Disposable gloves.
  • Bread machines.
  • Cough and cold medications.
  • Dried grains and rice.
  • Soups.
  • Packaged foods.
  • Fruit cups.
  • Weight training.
  • Dishwashing supplies.
  • Milk and cream.

The above list contains several shelf-stable items. Consumers are now taking matters into their own hands. From the list, it’s clear that consumers are making positive adjustments to their lifestyle. While in isolation, fitness is practiced, there is a cessation of smoking. Generally, all respiratory categories are experiencing growth.

Surprisingly, toilet paper demand has increased more than baby care products. Cured meats have been favored more than water. While some categories are drastically rising in the market, others are slumping in the pandemic economy.

The Fastest Declining Categories During The Pandemic Period

The top ten fastest declining product categories are:

  • Luggage and suitcases.
  • Briefcases.
  • Cameras.
  • Men’s swimwear.
  • Bridal clothing.
  • Men’s Formal Wear.
  • Women’s swimwear.
  • Rash guards.
  • Boy’s athletic shoes.
  • Gym bags.

The unprecedented wave of vacations and events cancellation is having a significant impact on consumable products. The state of coupons and promo codes is unpredictable. For instance, cameras, suitcases, and luggage have all seen a decrease in sales.

The New Normal

Regardless of the product sales decrease, it’s clear that the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted retailers. Either positively or negatively. From bulk buying to shopping online. People are changing what they’re buying, how, and when.

Meanwhile, the question remains to be: will this change in market behavior stabilize? Is it waiting for the curve to flatten? Or is this a new normal?’


The gathered facts are above made for you. This resource is meant to provide you with current information. The gained knowledge will help you make beneficial decisions for your brand during these uncertain times, which will help you know the straining industries. Understand the changing behaviors to assist you in implementing proper choices for your business.

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Top Selling eCommerce Products: Shifting Consumer Behaviour And Changing Product Demand Amid COVID-19

How To Get Most Out of Online Coupons and Promo codes

Many consumers shopping online have stimulated the proliferation of discount codes. This means that it has been very enticing to buy. Sometimes frustrations set in during the process of purchase. You will fill your cart, check out, apply for discount code, and in the end, there are no savings. On average, the coupons and promo codes work around a third of the time. The main reason why the promo codes do not work is that; it might have expired, it’s non-transferable or with exclusions.

Even if a lousy code has failed you before, you may want to try it again. Here is how you can save as much as you can:

Determine Whether The Retailer Uses Discount Codes

Check out and ask for promo codes from your respective retailer. In 99% of the cases, there is are coupons waiting for you to utilize. Find it and make it your norm, never to purchase without a discount code. Huge savings will follow your way.

Use Trusted Sources

When you search “retailer name + coupon code,” you get hundreds of results. The better path is to check trusted code-centric websites that work with thousands of retailers and brands. At such sites, all codes are tested and verified before being released to the public.

Play Hard To Get

If you can’t find any promo code, choose your items, fill the virtual shopping cart, and checkout. Bookmark the cart’s URL since you will need it later. If you abandon your selected items in the shopping cart, most companies follow you with a discount off what you had in the cart. You may get an email for many stores to complete the transaction with a discount code already in place.

Understand Why Codes Do Not Work

Promo code may fail because: it has expired, not applicable to specific brands, not transferable, or the coupon code can only be used once. Sometimes it might be because your purchase method did not meet the code’s requirements, such as the amount spent. Knowing why coupons don’t work will help you avoid the frustrations, possible when your purchases don’t attract any discount.

Set Up An Exclusive Email Account

Joining loyalty programs can help you reap heavily. That is why you need a unique email address. You will be bombarded with emails every day. Keep your inbox bright and suggest your favorite category of products.

Take Your Time

Sure, every retail has its strategy. The coupons cycle may be monthly or quarterly. That is why it is essential to join loyalty programs. Keep all the promo codes that you receive even if you are not planning to make any purchase. Be checking your email to see if the discount code is still available or coming soon. Shopping experts recommend patience to find a promo code or a deal before buying.

Ultimately, online shopping is very competitive. Therefore merchants are striving to do businesses by creating very tempting offers.

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How to find online shopping coupons codes that work

Top Trending Products To Sell Online

Ecommerce success needs demand, marketing skills, and drive to succeed. If you already have the winner’s mindset (continued learning, research, and preparation for success), finding the best product to sell is not easy. That is why we have this updated list for you. We uncover new trending product ideas. From the list, you will know the trending products which will help you activate your new business ideas

Trending Products To Sell In 2020

  • Pet bed
  • Infant and baby carrier
  • Mesh shoes
  • Plaid hoodie
  • Backpacks

Pet Bed

Are you looking for a great product to sell to pet owners? Pet bed has been the clawing item; on its way to the top of the chart. According to Google Trends, the “dog bed” has experienced a sharp increase in search volume. If you are running a pet store, you ought to have this pet bed.

Infant And Baby Carrier

A baby carrier is trending in all markets with the new parents. Trolleys are big and bulky; therefore, some parents opt for a compact harness to carry their newborns. Google Trends shows that we are close to hitting the peak interest for this product. If you are looking for the top-selling product with a validated demand, act fast on this. To reach out to new parents, advertise your merchandise on Facebook and Instagram.

Mesh Shoes

Primarily knowns the running shoes. Both men and women mesh shoes have been selling best for more than two years now. This trending item is best sold through visual platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. It shows signs of being the most trending product in 2020.

Plaid Hoodie

The clothing market is a very competitive niche. However, plaid hoodies are still the most lucrative option for ambitious entrepreneurs who wish to build an apparel business. According to Google Trends, plaid hoodies get 1,900 searches monthly. There is clear evidence that it is a robust niche market. To make selling plaid hoodies your lucrative venture, let your marketing sale target its niche market.


Backpacks have been popular items to sell. Recent data shows that backpacks are the frontrunners as one of the top online selling products, Google Trends confirms growth in demand from year over year. The backpack is for children, college or university students, or even adults. Therefore target your ideal customer. Know how to market small backpacks deals for children and bags for adults. Adults usually can access Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, they are the ones also to buy for their kids.

Time To Start Selling

These are some of the online trending products to sell in 2020. However, there are so many more options to choose from. Finding the top product is part of the equation. Now, the real secret is establishing how to market them. Use the marketing strategy that has a targeted group. Utilize coupons and promo codes.

The above review can help you start an online store revolving around a very profitable niche. Know your products and whom to offer. Happy selling!

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Trending Products to Sell in 2020 (Updated Frequently)

Essential Online Shopping Trends That You Need to Know

Every consumer faces a choice to shop with an online retailer or visit the physical store when making purchase decisions. The market trend has shifted to online shopping. The perks for this are:

  • You do not have to leave your bed to shop online.
  • You can opt for the next day delivery.
  • You can access more product information.
  • You will have a more personalized shopping experience.

Staying on top of eCommerce trends will help you in building advanced strategies that set up eCommerce success. Know these facts:

High Shipping Fees # 1 Reason For The Cart Abandonment

A study conducted on U.S online shoppers showed that high shipping costs are the primary reason buyers abandon their cart on online sales.

Amazon Is The Leading Mobile Shopping Application

From this statistic, you can learn that mobile commerce is developing, especially mobile applications, as an online selling strategy. Many online shoppers do their purchases using mobile phones. It has been noted that nearly half (49.2%) of the eCommerce deals are done through mobile devices.

Direct To Email, SEO, And Site Are The Best Traffic Sources

Ecommerce success is more than what an attractive website has. You need good traffic to your e-store. From the recent statistics, a direct site, SEO, and email are the leading traffic drivers.

Ecommerce Is Growing Each Day!

The number of eCommerce sites is increasing daily. It is clear that launching an online store aid in total retail sales. It gives potential customers a convenient way to shop and interact with brands. We do not forget the utilization of coupons and promo codes with simple steps.

The Appropriate Time To Start An Ecommerce Store Is Right Now

The eCommerce industry is now booming like never before. Online purchases are rising, especially with fast and free shipping. Many People enjoy the personalized user experience therein. Now is the best time to join the online selling market and seal the deal with luck.

75% Of People Shop Online At Least Once Per Month

The point here is that online shopping is becoming the norm. The vast majority of consumers who shop online do so frequently. Besides, the e-store has a higher tendency to land repeat customers who buy again and again.

Product Ratings And Reviews Are The Most Crucial Element In Ecommerce

Online selling is fun and exciting for many. However, it can sometimes be overwhelming. Shoppers usually filter through a ton of products to find what they want. All options can leave them more confused. To increase shoppers’ confidence and gain insights, give them access to reviews and ratings.

Having this information readily available has been attributed to the success of Amazon. It is a brilliant idea for e-store brands to offer this.


It’s a fascinating time for the eCommerce community. These online shopping statistics, therefore, provide a snapshot of the current state of affairs. Hopefully, you have now gathered the best ideas on how to approach eCommerce. Moving forward, implement what is necessary to level up your brand.

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16 Fascinating Online Shopping Statistics (2020)

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